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  • Inorganic Solid Phases Updates

    The Inorganic Solid Phases collection has been further expanded and now includes tens of thousands of new crystal structures and physical property data. In addition to thousands of new interactive binary and ternary phase diagrams, phase stability range tables are also now available for nearly ten thousand binary phase diagrams.

  • Citation Exporting

    Citations for SpringerMaterials content are now directly exportable in the .bib, .EndNote, or .ris formats. This feature is located in the “Cite this content” section at the bottom of each content page.

  • Corrosion Database Launched

    SpringerMaterials now includes an extensive Corrosion Database for metals and alloys. This new section contains thousands of records with data on corrosion rates/ratings, modes of attack, exposure conditions, and more. The Corrosion Database can be easily searched by material name and/or environment. Try Corrosion Search

  • Landolt-Börnstein updates in April 2016

    The latest SpringerMaterials update includes three new Landolt-Börnstein volumes and one SpringerMaterials Fundamentals volume. View more...