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Landolt-Börnstein - Group VI Astronomy and Astrophysics
Volume 4B 2009

Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology · Solar System

Editors: J.E. Trümper
ISBN: 978-3-540-88054-7 (Print) 978-3-540-88055-4 (Online)
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-88055-4

Table of contents (35 documents)

  1. Online Document 1 Solar global parameters; Solar interior

    Michael Stix

  2. Online Document 2 The solar energy spectrum

    Klaus Wilhelm

  3. Online Document 3 Solar photosphere and chromosphere

    Matthias Steffen

  4. Online Document 4 Solar transition region and quiet corona

    Klaus Wilhelm

  5. Online Document 5 Radio emission of the quiet Sun

    Arnold O. Benz

  6. Online Document 6 Active regions

    Klaus Wilhelm

  7. Online Document 7 Solar activity cycle

    Sami Solanki, Natalie Krivova

  8. Online Document 8 Sunspots

    Sami Solanki, Natalie Krivova

  9. Online Document 9 Faculae and plague

    Sami Solanki, Natalie Krivova

  10. Online Document 10 Prominences and ejecta

    Klaus Wilhelm

  11. Online Document 11 Coronal active regions

    Klaus Wilhelm

  12. Online Document 12 Flares

    Klaus Wilhelm

  13. Online Document 13 Radio bursts of the non-thermal Sun

    Arnold O. Benz

  14. Online Document 14

    4.2.1 Introduction to ‘4.2 The planets and their satellites’

    Tilman Spohn

  15. Online Document 15

    4.2.2 Basic data of planetary bodies

    H. Hussmann, F. Sohl, J. Oberst

  16. Online Document 16 Geodetic and geophysical data

    M. Grott, H. Hussmann, J. Oberst, M. Wählisch

  17. Online Document 17 Planetary interiors

    F. Sohl, F. W. Wagner, H. Hussmann, M. Grott

  18. Online Document 18 Planetary seismology

    Martin Knapmeyer

  19. Online Document 19 Dynamics and thermal evolution

    Doris Breuer

  20. Online Document 20 Planetary geology: Craters and chronology, Volcanism, Tectonics

    Ernst Hauber, Roland Wagner

  21. Online Document 21 Planetary geology: Erosion, transport and sedimentation, Nomenclature

    E. Hauber, R. Wagner, Judit Jänchen, Marita Wählisch

  22. Online Document 22 Planetary photometry and spectroscopy

    Katrin Stephan

  23. Online Document 23 Atmospheres of the planets and satellites

    John Lee Grenfell

  24. Online Document 24 Magnetic fields

    Tilman Spohn

  25. Online Document 25

    4.2.4 Planets of the outer Solar System

    Tilman Spohn, John Lee Grenfell

  26. Online Document 26

    4.2.5 Exoplanets

    John Lee Grenfell

  27. Online Document 27

    4.2.6 Missions

    Judit Jänchen

  28. Online Document 28

    4.3.1 The asteroids

    Alan W. Harris

  29. Online Document 29

    4.3.2 Meteors

    Ingrid Mann

  30. Online Document 30

    4.3.3 Meteorites

    Peter Hoppe

  31. Online Document 31

    4.3.4 Comets

    Rita Schulz, Gian-Paolo Tozzi

  32. Online Document 32

    4.3.5 Interplanetary dust

    Eberhard Grün, Valeri Dikarev

  33. Online Document 33

    4.3.6 Interplanetary particles and magnetic fields

    Berndt Klecker

  34. Online Document 34

    4.4 Abundances of the elements in the Solar System

    K. Lodders, H. Palme, H.-P. Gail

  35. Online Document 35

    4.5 Chronology of the Solar System

    Mario Trieloff