Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter III-V semiconductors


This chapter compiles data of experimentally observed stability of different orientations of GaAs III-V semiconductors. Miller index, angle from LIP, azimuth, zone, preparation, methods, remarks, results, and structural data of the GaAs are tabulated. The methods include N-DIC-microscopy, scanning-EM, RHEED, STM, REM, HR-LEED. The chapter also contains some graphs: (i) monomolecular (bilayer) steps, decorated, on a (001) facet of a GaAs LPE layer, (ii) orientation dependence of the ionization threshold for the surface of a cylindrical GaAs crystal prepared by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), ion bombardment and annealing (IBA) and ion bombardment without annealing (IB), (iii) STM images of the steps on GaAs (001) vicinal surfaces, (iv) REM micrograph of a GaAs (001) surface, revealing an atomic step emerging from a screw dislocation, (v) STM image of trigonal islands of (111) bilayer height of GaAs.

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