Noble award 2019

SpringerMaterials celebrates the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winners

Congratulations to the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winners: John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham, and Akira Yoshino for their tremendous contributions to the field of materials for energy applications. We are proud to showcase the work published on SpringerMaterials by such ground-breaking scientists. Nobel Prize 2019

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SpringerMaterials provides curated data and advanced functionalities to support research in materials science, physics, chemistry, engineering, and other related fields.

  • A comprehensive database covering multiple material classes, property types, and applications
  • Enhanced data visualization features display interactive crystal structures, data tables, and phase diagrams with export options for further analysis
  • Search functions optimized for materials science like elemental composition or chemical structure searching to quickly find material property data
  • Trusted and curated resource with thousands of materials science experts ensuring high data quality


  • Landolt-Börnstein updates in July 2019

    This latest update includes 7 Landolt-Börnstein Volumes and 1 SpringerMaterials Fundamentals Volume: View more...

    • LB II/20C2: Edited by Guelachvili, N. Picqué, Molecular Constants Mostly from Infrared Spectroscopy. Non-linear Triatomic Molecules, Part 2: Ozone. Contains infrared spectroscopic data on O3 (Ozone)
    • LB III/37C1, III/37C2, III/37C3: Edited by Y. Kawazoe, U. Carow-Watamura, Phase Diagrams and Physical Properties of Nonequilibrium Alloys. Subvolume C: Physical Properties of Multi-Component Amorphous Alloys. These 3 books present information about the structure of multicomponent bulk metallic glasses and the following properties: Physical properties, Mechanical Properties, Magnetic Properties, Electrical Properties, and some Chemical Properties.
    • LB III/44H: Edited by, H. Rössler, D. Strauch, New Data and Updates for IIa-VI Compounds with Mg and Sr (Structural Properties, Thermal and Thermodynamic Properties, and Lattice Properties). Contains data on properties of semiconducting IIa-VI Compounds with Mg and Sr.
    • LB III/45B: Edited by, G. Chiarotti, P. Chiaradia, Physics of Solid Surfaces. Subvolume B. This book provides a good overview of the past and present research in all fields of Surface Science.
    • LB IV/9B2: Edited by, M.D. Lechner / R. Holze, Electrochemistry. Subvolume B: Electrical Conductivities and Equilibria of Electrochemical Systems - Part 2: Deep Eutectic Solvents and Electrolyte Solutions. This is a comprehensive data-collection of electrolytic conductivities of deep eutectic solvents and electrolytic solutions.
    • Engineered Cementitious Composites, by V.C. Liu. This reference book presents a comprehensive coverage of the material design methodology, processing methodology, mechanical and durability properties, smart functions, and application case studies.