What is SpringerMaterials Interactive?

SpringerMaterials Interactive is a set of advanced functionalities for visualizing and analyzing data. Examples of these functionalities include interactive graphs, dynamic data tables, and side-by- side comparisons of materials/properties.

As a multidisciplinary field, materials science draws on data from many topics in physics, chemistry, and engineering. Material property data, even for a single material, is often scattered across many sources. SpringerMaterials Interactive consolidates property data from multiple sources and provides tools to analyze previously separated and static information.

The scope and capabilities of SpringerMaterials Interactive are continuously expanded. New materials, properties, and functionalities are deployed to SpringerMaterials Interactive as they become available. Updates to SpringerMaterials Interactive are described on the homepage.

SpringerMaterials Interactive data is extracted primarily from the Landolt-Börnstein book series. This digitized data is then consolidated with relevant data from other sources to create a multisource data set. Interactive functionalities use the combined data sets to provide dynamic content with powerful visualization and analysis options. Additionally, content is exportable in a tailored fashion to best suit specific workflows.

How does it work?

SpringerMaterials Interactive provides information sets, based upon your search query, that you can tailor to your own requirements. The page consists of the following elements:

  • 1. Plot

    Providing a visual representation of the data set, which can be downloaded as jpeg.

  • 2. Table

    Data in numeric format, which can be sorted into preferential order, and downloaded in csv format.

  • 3. Sliders

    These refine the data set, allowing you to select the range you are interested in.

  • 4. Actions

    Once you have selected the information you require, you can use these tools to download information, export a citation, or share the information with others.