Inorganic Solid Phases

austenitic steel 25 wt.% Cr-28 wt.% Ni-2 wt.% Mo, 0.332 wt.% nitrogen (Cr26.68Fe44.39Mo1.16N1.31Ni26.47) (Cr0.267Mo0.012Fe0.444Ni0.265N0.012) Crystal Structure

General Information

  • Phase Label(s): Cr0.267Mo0.012Fe0.444Ni0.265N0.012
  • Structure Class(es): b.c.c. atom arrangement
  • Classification by Properties:
  • Mineral Name(s):
  • Pearson Symbol: cI2
  • Space Group: 229
  • Phase Prototype: W
  • Measurement Detail(s): Debye-Scherrer film (determination of cell parameters), X-rays, Cu K (determination of cell parameters), T = 295 K (determination of cell parameters)
  • Phase Class(es):
  • Compound Class(es): nitride
  • Interpretation Detail(s): cell parameters determined and parent type assigned; composition dependence studied
  • Sample Detail(s): sample prepared from alloy, N2, chemical analysis; 24.46 wt.% Cr, 27.67 wt.% Ni, 1.92 wt.% Mo, 1.46 wt.% Mn, 0.23 wt.% Si, 0.004 wt.% C before exposure to nitrogen; 0.332 wt.% N, powder (determination of cell parameters)

Substance Summary

  • Standard Formula: Cr0.267Mo0.011Fe0.444Ni0.265N0.013
  • Alphabetic Formula: Cr0.267Fe0.444Mo0.011N0.013Ni0.265
  • Published Formula: austenitic steel 25 wt.% Cr-28 wt.% Ni-2 wt.% Mo, 0.332 wt.% nitrogen (Cr26.68Fe44.39Mo1.16N1.31Ni26.47)
  • Refined Formula:
  • Wyckoff Sequence:
  • Z Formula Units: 2
  • Density: ρ = 3.94 Mg·m−3

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