Inorganic Solid Phases

Mg-Nd-Y Isothermal Section of Ternary Phase Diagram

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Recorded Points

General Information

  • Concentration Range: Mg conc.[86-100 wt.%] vs. Nd conc.[0-3 wt.%] vs. Y conc.[0-14 wt.%]
  • Investigation Type: experimental, detailed
  • Temperature: isothermal section, 400 °C (673 K)
  • End Points: Mg-Mg99.5Nd0.5-Mg95.4Nd0.5Y4.1-Mg95.4Y4.6

List of Phases

Phase Label
Published Phase Label
Phase Prototype
Pearson Symbol
Hermann Mauguin Symbol
Space Group
Crystallographic Datasheet


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