Landolt-Börnstein - Group IV Physical Chemistry

5 Exchange current densities


This document is part of Volume 9 ‘Electrochemistry’, Subvolume A, of Landolt-Börnstein - Group IV ‘Physical Chemistry’. The document introduces into the chapter of exchange current densities at an electrode surface. In the document the kinetic equations for the processes at an electrode in contact with an electrolyte solution are derived and the various method of determining the exchange current densities are presented. The methods treated in the document are: current density versus electrode potential curves (current-potential curves), thin-layer voltammetry, coulostatic method, potential step method, cyclic potential step method, impedance method, faradaic rectification, faradaic distortion method, galvanostatic method, galvanostatic single pulse method, galvanostatic double pulse method, galvanostatic current interruption, cyclic current step method, dropping mercury electrode, open-circuit method, chronopotentiometry, chronocoulometric method, direct current polarography, alternating current polarography, oscillographic polarography, pulse polarography, miscellaneous polarographic methods, rotating disc electrode, controlled hydrodynamic convection, turbulent pipe flow, stirred solution, radiotracer (radiochemical) method, derivative cyclic voltabsorptometry, circular dichronic spectroelectrochemical method, mixed potential method. Hints for the usage of the tables in this chapter terminate the document.

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5 Exchange current densities
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