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Spray forming: Aluminum alloys


This chapter discusses on properties of aluminum alloys and tool steels. In the aluminum industry, the commercial interest in spray forming is focused on improved alloy properties and higher performance compared with conventional cast and wrought materials. Microstructure of gravity cast and spray formed aluminum alloys are compared. Development of spray formed aluminum alloy billets from lab scale to industrial dimensions is illustrated. Schematic overview of strength characteristics versus service temperature is given. Yield strength of conventional and spray formed aluminum alloys as depending on the alloy content of Zn, Mg and Cu is also shown in this chapter. Spray formed elevated temperature aluminum alloys exhibit superior fracture toughness on the highest strength levels. High alloy tool steels are the youngest member among the family of industrially manufactured materials by spray forming. Chemical composition of commercially available spray formed tool steels is discussed in this chapter. Microstructure of spray formed and forged high speed steel by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and back scattered electrons is illustrated. Spray formed tool steels are rapidly gaining ground versus hot isostatic pressed (HIP) tool steels since the spray processing to manufacture a billet is less costly, and both routes are capable of delivering an extremely alloyed product, which is free of segregations.

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Spray forming: Aluminum alloys
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