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6 Metal injection moulding


Metal injection molding (MIM) is an intelligent technology for the large scale production of high standard parts, which combine the geometrical complexity known from injection molded plastic parts with the material properties of high performance metals. MIM combines the technology Plastic Injection Molding with the traditional Powder Metallurgy (PM). The effects of individual powder properties on the MIM process are shown. This chapter also discusses about the binder system, and feedstock. Several high-shear mixer designs are used for MIM feedstock preparation.. Sketches of some typical mixer geometries are shown. Commonly either two plate or three plate molds are used. This chapter also focuses on moulding process and equipments. Examples of molding conditions for MIM components are shown. Summary of the key aspects of the debinding process is provided. The sintering of MIM parts is also discussed in this chapter. Structural integrity for MIM results from sintering, which is a thermal treatment in different atmospheres. For many products, the MIM process is complete after sintering. Magnetic and mechanical properties of materials such as stainless steel, low alloy steel, titanium, titanium alloy, tungsten alloy, ceramics, carbide and MIM alloy are studied. Tolerances and criteria of MIM processing is summarized. Many defect sources are possible in MIM operations. Common MIM defects, their causes, and possible cures are also studied. Comparison of various technological alternatives is also illustrated.

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6 Metal injection moulding
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