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13.6 Applications


The range of the application of hardmetals, cermets, diamond and cubic boron nitride is extremely wide and, it is true to say, covers every aspect associated with wear, and the requirement of specific properties, e.g. high compression strength. The term machining too covers an extremely wide spectrum such as turning, drilling, milling, skiving etc., with the added variants of rough, normal and fine being applied to the type of operation. The machining application range for polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) tools is tabulated in the chapter. A comparison between PCD and hardmetal tools used for a variety of wood/wood type machining operations is also presented. Certain hard and brittle type materials can only be shaped by grinding. Mining, in relation to hardmetal and diamond, is concerned with drilling holes or shearing and planing away large masses of soft rock or minerals. These tools include cold rolls, hot rolls, cold forging tools, extrusion dies and punches, deep drawing dies and punches, stamping tools, warm forging tools and powder metallurgy dies and punches. The number of applications in the category known as wear parts is enormous. The range covers items as diverse as balls for ball-point pens, wear pads, guides, paper trimming knives, slitters for audio- and video-tapes, seal rings, bearings, nozzles, valve seats and stems, cylinders and pistons for high pressure chemical processes etc. The chapter also discusses optical and electronic applications of diamond.

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13.6 Applications
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