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2.5. Tidal power plants


The intent of this chapter is to give an understanding to the reader of where tidal power technology stands in the year 2000, where it may have potential applications and how these applications might be quickly assessed. Much ingenuity has been invested in finding effective ways of extracting energy from tidal basins, resulting in a large number of highly imaginative schemes, namely, single-basin, double effect plant; single, high-basin plant and single, low-basin plant. The chapter also describes a simple but adequate modeling technique, plain and simple computer-modeling, used to assess the annual energy production potential of tidal power plants (TPPs). Numerous articles in power-, electrical-, mechanical- and civil engineering magazines have reported on tidal power prospects and developments around the world. TPPs are a special kind of low-head hydro plant. Because of their hydraulic efficiency and simple water-passage configuration, the straight flow type turbine-generators are the preferred kind of power generating equipment for TPPs. This includes bulb, rim-generator-turbine and pit turbine units. The chapter also discusses some rules-of-thumb for assessing tidal power potentials in detail.

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2.5. Tidal power plants
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