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3 Wind energy conversion


This chapter on wind energy conversion, provides an overview of the various types of wind energy converters in operation. Horizontal axis converters, horizontal axis rotor converters, DARRIEUS, and up-stream-power-stations are the different types of wind energy converters discussed in the chapter. The origin of wind energy, energy content of the wind, energy conversion on a blade and power coefficient concepts are explained. Technical design of converters, the design with gearbox, the design without gearbox and multibrid design are discussed. There are several critical aspects of a wind energy converter that need to be considered in the design phase to ensure that the converter will be economic and durable. These include the tower, heat energy, control and monitoring, mechanical stability and wind direction set-up. A design with gearbox and a design without gearbox have been chosen to show the different operation of their generators. Solutions to this problem of maximizing the power output of converters are discussed. An internal grid is necessary to connect the offshore wind farm to the onshore grid. Status of wind energy use in world-wide as well as Federal Republic of Germany is tabulated. Finally, the chapter discusses economical and environmental aspects of wind energy converters.

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3 Wind energy conversion
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