Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter

Telluride/selenide quantum wells


This chapter discusses the properties of telluride/selenide quantum wells (QWs). All properties reviewed in this chapter refer to epitaxial structures in the zincblende phase. The properties discussed include band-gap energy, lattice constant and valence-band offset. Photoluminescence (PL) and transmission spectra of a 6 nm/2 nm CdSe/ZnTe multiple quantum well (MQW) at T=10 K are illustrated. The PL is related to type-II exciton recombination while the resonance in transmission is attributed to a type-I exciton. Absorption spectra of two CdSe/ZnTe QWs show the type-I transition involving an above-barrier hole state. The polarization of the PL in type-II CdSe/ZnTe MQWs shows a strong in-plane polarization with respect to the axis with a polarization degree up to 30% due to the orientation of the chemical bonds at the interface with no common atom. The other quantum wells discussed here are (Cd,Mn)Se/ZnTe and CdSe/(Zn,Mn)Te, ZnSe/ZnTe, Zn(Se,Te)/ZnTe, ZnSe/BeTe, ZnSe/MgTe and Zn1-xMgxSeyTe1-y/ZnTe. Type-II ZnSe/BeTe quantum wells are model systems to study the influence of the lateral anisotropy at the interfaces on the optical properties. This anisotropy of single interfaces in zincblende semiconductors is due to the tetrahedral orientation of the chemical bonds. Two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) and type-II electron-hole plasma are briefly discussed.

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Telluride/selenide quantum wells
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