Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter

12.2.3 Grain boundary tracer diffusion in alloys


This chapter tabulates data for grain boundary tracer diffusion in alloys such as Ag-S alloy, Ag-Sn alloy, Al-Zn alloy, Au-Ta alloy, Co-W alloy, Cu-Ag alloy, Cu-Cd alloy, Cu-Cr alloy, Cu-Te alloy, Cu-Ti alloy, Cu-Zn alloy, Cu-Zr alloy, Fe-Al alloy, Fe-B alloy, Fe-C alloy, Fe-Co-W-Cr-V-C alloy, Fe-Cr alloy, Fe-Cr-C alloy, Fe-Cr-Ni alloy, Fe-Cr-Ni-C alloy, Fe-Cr-Ni-C-Si alloy, Fe-Cr-Mn-Ni alloy, Fe-Cr-Ni-Mo-C alloy, Fe-Cr-Ni-Mo-Mn-C alloy, Fe-Cr-Ni-Mo-Mn-Si-C alloy, Fe-Cu alloy, Fe-Mn alloy, Fe-Mo alloy, Fe-N alloy, Fe-Ni alloy, Fe-Ni-Cr alloy, Fe-P alloy, Fe-P-Cr alloy, Fe-P-Mn alloy, Fe-P-Mo alloy, Fe-P-Ni alloy, Fe-P-Si alloy, Fe-S alloy, Fe-Si alloy, Fe-W-Cr-V-C alloy, Ni-B alloy, Ni-Co alloy, Ni-Co-Cr-W-Al-Nb-C alloy, Ni-Cr alloy, Ni-Cr-Fe alloy, Ni-Cr-Ti-Al alloy, Ni-Fe alloy, Ni-In alloy, Ni-Si alloy, Pb-In alloy, Pb-Sn alloy, Pb-Sn-Au alloy, Pb-Sn-In alloy, Pb-Tl alloy, Sn-Zn alloy, Zn-Al alloy, Zr-Cu-Mo alloy, and Zr-Sn-Fe-Cr-Ni alloy. Volume diffusion data, temperature, experimental method, Arrhenius parameters and remarks for grain boundary diffusion are tabulated for alloys. The experimental method includes sectioning combined with residual-activity, serial sectioning, autoradiography, absorption kinetics, first appearance measurements, Auger electron spectroscopy, and steady-state creep.

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12.2.3 Grain boundary tracer diffusion in alloys
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12.2 Data for grain and interphase boundary diffusion
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