Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter Sm-Co magnet alloys


This chapter provides an introduction on magnetic properties of rare earth - 3d magnet alloys. The last decades have witnessed an enormous development of alloys with permanent magnet properties that are based on compounds between rare earth and 3d transition elements. The relative high saturation magnetization combined with a high Curie temperature and in many cases extremely high uniaxial magnetocrystalline anisotropies, make them potential candidates for the development of permanent magnets. In this compilation the permanent magnet properties of alloys will be given in relation to the process parameters for those alloy compositions that are most promising from the point of view of obtaining useful magnets. Phase diagrams and lattice parameters of the Sm-Co magnet alloys are shown. Intrinsic coercive force after magnetization in a magnetic field of 16 kOe as dependent on grinding time for powder samples subjected to various grinding procedures of SmCo powder are shown. The chapter also contains some graphical representation for SmCo5 alloy: (i) demagnetization curves, and room-temperature value of the intrinsic coercive force as dependent on annealing temperature of pressed powder magnet, liquid-phase sintered, and anisotropic magnet (ii) influence of the combination of sintering temperature and annealing temperature on the intrinsic coercive force, (iii) influence of aging on the demagnetization curve, (iv) typical intrinsic and normal demagnetization curves for commercial sintered anisotropic magnets at various temperatures. Melting point and peritectic temperature, magnetic properties at various temperatures of SmCo and prototype of a commercial liquid-sintered SmCo-type magnet and various properties are tabulated.

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