Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter Magnetization and Curie temperature


This chapter lists saturation magnetizations, Curie temperatures TC and spin reorientation temperatures Tsr of R2Fe17Ax (A = C, N, B, D) as well as of mixed transition metal R2Fe17CxNY compounds. The thermal variation of magnetization in R2Fe17C compounds, composition dependence of the Curie temperature in R2Fe17C, compounds with R = Nd, the dependence of the Curie temperatures on the unit-cell volume for R2Fe17Ax with R = Gd, Y and Th, and A = C or N, dependence of the average Fe magnetic moment at 5 K on the unit cell volume at RT in samples of the composition Th2Fe17Cx and Th2Fe17Nx, and temperature dependence of the magnetic moment in powders of Gd2Fe17N2.7 and Tb2Fe17N2.7 are shown. The other plots include (i) dependence of oxygen content, nitrogen content and magnetization in a field of 20 kOe on the size, (ii) nitrogen content and magnetization in a field of 20 kOe for at RT versus nitrogenation time t, (iii) dependence of the magnetization in a field of 20 kOe on nitrogen content in Sm2Fe17Nx at room temperature, and (iv) effect of various substituents M on the magnetic ordering temperatures of Y2Fe17-yMyC, and the corresponding unit cell volume variation, ΔV/V at RT and y = 1. Saturation magnetization at RT, Curie temperature and anisotropy field HA at RT in Sm2(Fe0.09M0.03)17Nx, room-temperature saturation magnetization of Y2(Fe1-yCoy)17Nx compounds and composition dependence of the saturation magnetization at 4.2 K are figured out. The saturation magnetization and Curie temperatures decrease when Fe is replaced by Mn in Er2Fe17-based compounds.

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Title Magnetization and Curie temperature
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Magnetic Alloys for Technical Applications. Hard Magnetic Alloys
In R{2}Fe{17}A{x} compounds with A = C, N, B or D (H)
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Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter
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