Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter Magnetization curve, anisotropy, magnetostriction


This chapter illustrates magnetization curve, anisotropy, and magnetostriction of nonoriented (NO) Fe-Si alloy. Initial magnetization curve in the Rayleigh region plotted in terms of permeability versus H, in NO Fe-Si, and initial magnetization curve at intermediate and high fields in 0.50 mm thick laminations of NO Fe-3 wt% Si are shown. Induction versus angle to the rolling direction in three Fe-Si-AI NO laminations characterized by different crystallographic textures is illustrated. 50Hz magnetic induction is plotted as a function of average grain size in NO laminations. Effect of a tensile stress on the magnetization of Fe-3 wt% Si NO laminations, and effect of uniaxial applied stress on the 50 Hz normal magnetization curve of a Fe-3 wt% Si NO lamination are shown. Relative magnetostrictive elongation versus magnetization in NO Fe-3 wt% Si laminations, and relative magnetostrictive elongation at 50 Hz and 1.5 T peak induction in NO Fe-1.3 wt% Si laminations as a function of the stress applied along the rolling direction are figured out.

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Title Magnetization curve, anisotropy, magnetostriction
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Magnetic Alloys for Technical Applications. Soft Magnetic Alloys, Invar and Elinvar Alloys
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Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter
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