Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter

Figs. 3 - 14, Tables 2 - 7


This chapter compiles experimentally observed stability of different orientations of metals and metal alloys such as Ag, Al, Au, Cr, Cu, and Fe in a table. STM topograph 550 ×550 Å2 of Ag (111), reciprocal-space representation of He diffraction peak positions from Al, ball models of the two facets identified on the Al (332) surface are figured out. The orientations for which a geometric structure (singular, stepped or faceted) is established are marked in a stereographic projection for Au and Cu. Details of a kink structure of [001] oriented steps on a Au(110) surface, STM surface-topograph of Au(111), STM-image of monatomically stepped Au(111), STM-image of pairwise-arranged corrugation lines on the reconstructed Au 111) surface, STM-image of corrugation lines on Au (111), STM-images of an area on Au (111), work function change ΔΦ versus step density ns for Pt and Au surfaces are also figured out.

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Figs. 3 - 14, Tables 2 - 7
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Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter
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