Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter

Interaction of Charged Particles and Atoms with Surfaces · Figs. 27 - 61


This chapter contains figures for elastic and inelastic scattering of ions. Shadow cone radius for Thomas-Fermi-Moliere potential is illustrated. Surface hyperchanneling of Ni, skipping motion or transient adsorption of Cu are plotted. Reflection of molecular ions, multiple scattering and thermal vibrations of Cu is also plotted. Measured energy spectrum of 10 keV Kr+ reflected from Cu(100) is presented. Oscillatory charge exchange of Ge and Pb is illustrated. Resonant and Auger neutralization are also presented. Ionization and reionization of Cu is illustrated. Relative intensity of the quasi-singly scattered Ne+ ions is plotted as a function of primary energy. Neutralization of noble gas and alkali ions, scattering, dissociation and neutralization of H2 + on Ni are presented. Neutralization and (re-)ionization of TaC, neutralization of Al under grazing incidence conditions, double layer relaxation of Ag(110), missing row reconstruction of Cu, Au are plotted. Rotation of Ga-As surface dimers in GaAs, double layer relaxation of Ni(110), Si(111)7x7 reconstruction, single and double alignment of Si are illustrated. Monte Carlo simulation of shadowing and blocking is presented. Surface semichanneling of Ni, neutralization of Si, elastic and inelastic energy losses of Cu, surface melting of Pb(110) and Al, double layer relaxation of Ag(110) and Cu(110), relaxation of Au(110)1x2 are illustrated. Lateral displacements in Si(100)1x2, Si(111)7x7 reconstruction, channeling of W, universal surface peak area, ambiguity in the determination of surface relaxation in Au, energy loss of specularly reflected ions in SnTe, correlated atomic vibrations of Pt are also illustrated.

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Interaction of Charged Particles and Atoms with Surfaces · Figs. 27 - 61
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Interaction of Charged Particles and Atoms with Surfaces
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Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter
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