Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter

Interaction of Charged Particles and Atoms with Surfaces · Ag - Ga


This chapter discusses phonon spectra and surface potential data. A listing of the phonon spectra of clean surfaces, that have been obtained by inelastic He scattering and of the He-surface potential parameters for these surfaces, is given. Potentials for H2, D2, HD and Ne, mostly derived from bound state resonance measurements, are also listed. Representative surface potentials, TOF data, and scan curves are shown. The surface Brillouin zones for (001), (110) and (111) faces of fcc lattices are shown. Parameters of the atom-rigid metal surface potentials for He-Cu (110), He-Cu(111), He-Ag (110) and He-Ag (111) are tabulated. Surface phonon dispersion curves of Ag, Al, Au, graphite, and Cu measured by HATOF are illustrated. Helium-graphite potential as function of distance from the surface for top, center and bridge positions is plotted. A theoretically computed potential and a potential that fits some of the diffraction data for the GaAs are shown. An analysis based on the bond charge model provides good agreement with the experiment. Phonon spectrum of GaAs(110) is presented. Surface phonon dispersion curves measured by HATOF for GaSe are also shown. The surface dispersion curves were measured in the <100> and <110> directions with five different modes being observed. An identification of the modes suggested they were the Rayleigh mode, the longitudinal mode, a possible crossing mode, and two optical modes. Several non-identified points are also shown and there is considerable softening.

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Interaction of Charged Particles and Atoms with Surfaces · Ag - Ga
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Interaction of Charged Particles and Atoms with Surfaces
7.2 Phonon spectra and surface potential data
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