Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter

Atomic Defects in Metals · Pb


This chapter provides data of properties and interactions of atomic defects of lead (Pb). The isochronal annealing of electrical resistivity of Pb has been investigated after irradiations with electrons, protons and deuterons, fast neutrons, after quenching and after plastic deformation. Defect properties of Frenkel pairs (FP), self-interstitial atoms (SIA), and vacancy (V) in pure Pb are summarized in table. Total annealing of Pb has been observed after e--irradiation with the activation energy of self-diffusion for this final reaction. Final annealing of Pb is observed within the same temperature range after n-irradiation quenching and plastic deformation. Many trapping reactions have been observed for Au-SA. There is an indication for the trapping of SIA and/or SIA-clusters at In-SA. No trapping of vacancies was observed for Ti and In solutes at high temperatures. Data of SIA-SA interaction and V-SA interaction of Pb are tabulated.

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Atomic Defects in Metals · Pb
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Atomic Defects in Metals
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