Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter

Atomic Defects in Metals · Pd


This chapter discusses the properties and interactions of atomic defects in palladium (Pd). There is only limited information on the defect annealing of Pd; in addition some of the detailed results might be affected by the low purity of the samples. Stage I has been observed after e--irradiation, thermal neutron irradiation and and fast neutron irradiation. Stage III observed after n-irradiation has been tentatively attributed to vacancy migration. No annealing stage III was observed after waterquenching of Pd: however, stage III is investigated in detail after plastic deformation. Isochronal annealing of Pd after quenching from T= 1400 ºC into water is shown. The chapter also illustrates isochronal annealing of Pd after cold rolling to different degrees of deformation. Properties of Frenkel pairs (FP), self-interstitial atoms (SIA), and vacancies (V) in pure metal are tabulated.

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Atomic Defects in Metals · Pd
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Atomic Defects in Metals
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