Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter

Atomic Defects in Metals · Re


This chapter discusses isochronal annealing of electrical resistivity of rhenium (Re) after irradiations with e-, α-particles, thermal neutrons and fast neutrons and after plastic deformation. The annealing stage I has been observed after all types of irradiation. A dose dependent temperature shift of stage IE has been observed after α-particle irradiation, but could not be observed by the same group of authors after e--irradiation. The dose dependence of stage III is demonstrated for Re. The activation energy has been observed after irradiation and plastic deformation. The properties of Frenkel defects (FD), self-interstitial atoms (SIA), and vacancies (V) in Re are tabulated. Complete annealing of defect clusters is supposed to be observed at T ≈ 1100 K after n-irradiation, however, some additional resistivity is remaining due to transmutation elements.

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Atomic Defects in Metals · Re
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Atomic Defects in Metals
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Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter
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