Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter

9 Diffusion in glassy and semicrystalline polymers


The present chapter discusses diffusion in glassy polymers and semicrystalline polymers with a glassy amorphous phase. The diffusion behavior of semicrystalline polymers is essentially governed by the amorphous phase. Diffusion coefficients in glassy polymers have most commonly been measured by simple permeation or sorption techniques which are explained in this chapter. Data on Fickian diffusion of gases, water, organic vapors, metals and other penetrants in glassy polymers are compiled in tables and figures. Central to the present chapter are the tables. Figures are used to show the dependence of diffusion coefficients on penetrant concentration or on the composition of copolymers and blends, to indicate correlations, and to give a quick overview. The polymers are listed according to the rules of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) in subclasses and groups. For most polymers the code numbers according to CAS (chemical abstracts service) are given. Most commonly used trivial names or trade names are also given.

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9 Diffusion in glassy and semicrystalline polymers
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