Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter

8.6 Magnetic field


In this chapter, experiments are described in which several magnetic-field dependent phenomena are examined. Experiments, in which special phenomena like weak localization, aperiodic conductance fluctuations, Shubnikov-de-Haas oscillations, or the quantum Hall effect were investigated, will be described in different sub-sections. Two-terminal conductance versus gate voltage for a = 260 nm, T = 1.8K, and source-drain voltage 25mV is illustrated. Derivative of resistance of sample A at T = 136K and 175K is shown. Low-field magnetoresistance (MR) in long wires at T from 1.2 to 0.05 K is illustrated. Two-terminal MR parallel to the wires at T = 370mK and gate voltages is shown. Temperature-dependent MR at Vg = -0.7V and T = 0.37K and T = 1.2K is illustrated. Filling factors versus (1/B)/[1/B(ν = 4)] for etch depths is shown. I-V characteristics at T = 1.8K for a 2DEG and etching times of 25 s, 35 s, and 40 s are examined. Plots of 1D conductivity per wire versus ln(T) and double-logarithmic plot of the phase coherence length are provided as a function of temperature. Two-terminal resistance as a function of magnetic field in long wires at T = 0.220K, 0.430K, 0.730K, and 1.000K is shown.

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8.6 Magnetic field
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