Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter

4.3.3 InAs and In{1-y}Ga{y}As


This chapter compiles data of coupled quantum wells and superlattices with InAs or In1-yGayAs wells. The barriers consist usually of GaAs, In1-yAlyAs, or Ga1-yAlyAs. The chapter presents the optical properties in the low- and intermediate-density regimes, where excitons, biexcitons and trions are good quasiparticles. It provides data of the linear optical spectra of excitons, but also provides data of intersubband transitions. The absorption spectra of strained layer superlattices grown on (100) and (111) oriented substrates are shown. Intersubband transitions between bound states or between bound- and continuum states are reported, while optical orientation in subband transitions has been revealed in photo-electron emission for strained Al1-y1Gay1As/Ga1-y2Iny2As superlattices. Raman scattering in (InAs)m(GaAs) n superlattices, and transport, nonlinear optics and dynamics in InAs-based coupled quantum wells and superlattices are discussed. The chapter also discusses excitons under the influence of external fields including strain/stress, magnetic fields, electric fields, electro-optic modulators, bistable devices, and combined action of electric and magnetic fields. A widely investigated topic in strongly doped InAs-based superlattices is so-called quantum cascade lasers, where multiple intersubband transitions are used for the emission process.

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4.3.3 InAs and In{1-y}Ga{y}As
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4.3 Superlattices and coupled quantum wells
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