Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter

4.3.5 Doping superlattices


This chapter discusses doping superlattices which consist of a spatially periodic sequence of different doping layers in a homogeneous semiconductor. In some cases single or multiple quantum wells or superlattices are incorporated in the doping superlattice. Such structures are called hetero-nipi. Space charges resulting in a spatially periodic modulation of a band structure is shown. The ordering of data will essentially follow the usual scheme of this chapter i.e. we start with low- and intermediate-density regime including linear optical properties of inter- and intraband transitions, nonlinear, dynamic and transport properties and the influence of external fields and finish with high-density regime or plasma effects. The interband transitions are frequently deduced from photoluminescence (PL), and PL excitation spectra. Intersubband transitions or interband transitions involving higher subbands are described. Absorption coefficient due to a spatially indirect transition shows up as a tail below the spatially direct absorption edge. An absorption spectrum of a strained InAs/GaAs superlattice incorporated in an intrinsic region of a GaAs hetero nipi structure is given. The change of transmission of the hetero nipi structures is shown. The transitions from the first quantized heavy- and light-hole states to the first quantized conduction band states are indicated. Optically nonlinear, dynamic, and transport properties are described. The influence of external fields is almost exclusively concentrated on electric fields.

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4.3.5 Doping superlattices
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4.3 Superlattices and coupled quantum wells
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