Landolt-Börnstein - Group I Elementary Particles, Nuclei and Atoms

6.4 Jet quenching


This document is part of Volume 23 ‘Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics’ of Landolt-Börnstein - Group I ‘Elementary Particles, Nuclei and Atoms’. It contains the Section ‘6.4 Jet quenching’ of the Chapter ‘6 Selective Tracer Signals of the QCD Plasma State’ with the content: 6.4 Jet quenching 6.4.1 Introduction 6.4.2 Jet quenching and parton energy loss in QCD matter Hard probes of hot and dense QCD matter Mechanisms of in-medium energy loss Energy losses in QED Energy losses in QCD QCD collisional energy loss QCD radiative energy loss Heavy-quark radiative energy loss (“dead cone” effect) Phenomenological consequences of parton energy loss High-p T (leading) hadron spectra High-p T di-hadron correlations Jet spectra, jet shapes, and fragmentation functions 6.4.3 Parton energy loss phenomenology QCD factorisation in high-p T hadron and jet production in AA collisions Jet quenching models BDMPS-LCPI & ASW DGLV Higher Twist (HT) AMY Model comparison Jet quenching Monte Carlo's Parton energy loss in AdS/CFT 6.4.4 High-p T leading hadron suppression: data vs. theory High-p T hadron spectra in proton-proton and proton-nucleus collisions High-p T hadron spectra in nucleus-nucleus collisions Magnitude of the suppression: medium properties Centre-of-mass energy dependence p T -dependence of the suppression Centrality (system-size) dependence Path-length dependence Non-Abelian (colour factor) dependence Heavy-quark mass dependence 6.4.5 High-p T di-hadron ϕ, η correlations: data vs. theory Azimuthal correlations: away-side quenching and energy loss Azimuthal correlations: away-side broadening and “conical” emission Pseudo-rapidity correlations: near-side “ridge” 6.4.6 Jet observables in AA collisions Full jet reconstruction in AA collisions Jet clustering algorithms Underlying event subtraction Jet energy corrections Jet spectra Jet shapes Medium-modified fragmentation functions Photon-jet correlations 6.4.7 Summary

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6.4 Jet quenching
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Selective Tracer Signals of the QCD Plasma State
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