Polymer–Solvent Interaction Parameter χ


This chapter discusses definition, methods of measurement, general features and significance of a polymer-solvent interaction parameter χ. Many thermodynamic properties of polymer solutions such as solubilities and swelling equilibria, and colligative properties can be expressed in terms of the polymer-solvent interaction parameter. Values of the polymer-solvent interaction parameter have been collected for binary mixtures of homopolymers and low molecular weight liquids. Osmotic pressure measurements can be used to evaluate the polymer-solvent interaction parameter at small volume fractions of polymer. The polymer-solvent interaction parameter is only slightly sensitive to the molecular weight provided that the molecular weight is high. Measurements on dilute solutions, especially osmotic pressure measurements, can yield unusually accurate values for the polymer-solvent interaction parameter. The values of the polymer-solvent interaction parameter were obtained using a volume fraction Φ2 as a measure of polymer concentration.

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Polymer–Solvent Interaction Parameter χ
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