Acoustic Properties of Polymers


This chapter discusses acoustic properties of polymers. The term acoustic refers to a periodic pressure wave. The term includes waves in the audio frequency range (those that can be heard by the human ear) as well as those above the audio range (ultrasonic and hypersonic) and below the audio range. Acoustic waves are characterized by their sound speed and sound absorption. Longitudinal waves are also sometimes referred to as dilatational, compressional, or irrotational waves. Shear waves are also called distortional, isovoluminous, or transverse waves. These two types of waves propagate independently of one another and are the only two types possible in an unbounded, isotropic solid. The measurements at ultrasonic frequencies are reviewed. For elastomeric networks, sound wave measurements reported at very low frequencies and at very high (GHz) frequencies are discussed. Ultrasonic investigations are often performed using the immersion technique where the sample and transducer (a combined transmitter and receiver of ultrasonic radiation) are immersed in a liquid, typically water, although other fluids such as silicone oil may be used. The optimal polymer material for use in ultrasound medical devices would have an impedance matching that of human tissue, 1.5 MRayls, and minimal attenuation at the frequencies of interest, which are typical between 5 and 10 MHz. In order to have a more complete understanding of the acoustic properties of polymers, it is desirable to probe the response over as wide a range in frequency as possible.

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