ABS Based Nanocomposites


A discussion about the state of art regarding ABS based nanocomposites has been proposed considering the different aspects regarding their synthesis and production as well as the effects of nanofillers on physical and thermal properties of the polymer itself and of its most common blends. Classic melt-blending process has been compared with low temperature solvent based techniques. The effectiveness of more recent ultrasonic-mixing assisted solution processes has been assessed as well together with the perspective uses of innovative characterization techniques based on confocal microscopy. Regarding thermal stability during processing, the effects of innovative synthetic organic modifiers have been analyzed, with particularly good results reported for imidazolium salts based modifiers. Flammability and fire behavior have been extensively investigated analyzing possible solutions given by the combination of nanofillers with traditional halogen based or alternative halogen-free flame retardants. ABS blends have also been considered in order to study the selective localization of OMMT and MWCNTs in complex multicomponent systems.

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ABS Based Nanocomposites
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Handbook of Polymernanocomposites. Processing, Performance and Application
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