Study on Polymeric Nano-Composites by 3D-TEM and Related Techniques


There are strong demands for controlling the morphologies of nanofiller aggregate dispersion and polymer phase separation in order to improve the performance of nanofiller-filled rubber and polymer alloys and to impart new functions to materials. To accomplish these subjects, it is essential to visualize the morphologies three-dimensionally and to have techniques for analyzing and evaluating them. In this chapter, we describe the visualization of the nanofiller network structure and the nanofiller/rubber interaction layer in rubber and the lamella network structure in polyketone/polyamide polymer alloys by using a three-dimensional transmission electron microscopy/electron tomography technique, which is abbreviated as 3D-TEM in this study. The relationship between their morphological parameters and physical properties is also described.

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Study on Polymeric Nano-Composites by 3D-TEM and Related Techniques
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Transmission Electron Microscopy Characterization of Nanomaterials
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