PCL–CNT Nanocomposites


Many biomaterial applications have been realized by using polymeric scaffolds among which the biodegradable polymers, such as polycaprolactone (PCL), have drawn extensive attention with regard to tissue regeneration. However, PCL does not have the mechanical properties to be applied in high load bearing situation, which has limited its use in bone tissue engineering. One of the most effective methods of increasing the mechanical properties (elastic modulus and tensile strength) of a polymer is by reinforcing with a second-phase material. Hence, researchers have used different types of second-phase materials for mechanical strengthening of PLA, PCL, and their copolymers (PLC). Among all of these, carbon nanotubes (CNT) seem to be the reinforcement with most potential, due to their very high mechanical properties (Young's modulus 0.2–1 TPa, tensile strength 11–63 GPa) and fiber-like structure. Furthermore, the addition of carbon nanotubes to PCL can enhance the conductivity, thermal, mechanical and gas barrier properties of PCL. All these findings have caused carbon nanotubes to be the suitable second-phase reinforcement for biodegradable polymers in orthopedic scaffold applications.

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PCL–CNT Nanocomposites
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