Imidazolium-Based Poly(Ionic Liquid) Block Copolymers


Poly(ionic liquid)s (PILs) have been recently introduced into block copolymer (BCP) architectures to combine the specific properties of PILs, such as responsiveness to ion exchange, ionic conductivity, and/or gas transport, with the self-assembling properties of BCPs, enabling the access to a wide range of robust nanostructured morphologies, either in solution or at the solid state. This chapter describes synthetic strategies to such PIL BCPs utilizing “controlled/living” polymerization methods and/or post-chemical modification of preformed copolymers, as well as their self-assembling properties in a selective solvent and in bulk. Potential applications of this emerging class of materials, for instance, in energy conversion devices or in gas separation membranes, are also briefly presented.

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Imidazolium-Based Poly(Ionic Liquid) Block Copolymers
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Applications of Ionic Liquids in Polymer Science and Technology
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