Electrical Applications of Biofibers


Chitosan fibers prepared through the wet-spinning approach were cross-linked with glutaraldehyde and later modified using polyalanine and multiwalled carbon nanotubes for potential use as electrode material for electrical double-layer capacitors [14Dor]. SEM images in Fig. 74.1 show the chitosan fibers modified using polyalanine and with MWCNT. The addition of polyalanine and CNTs onto chitosan fibers resulted in a porous structure shown in Fig. 74.1b. The conductivity of the chitosan/polyalanine/MWCNT fibers was 5.34 × 10−2 S cm−1 compared to 7.2 × 10−2 S cm−1 for the chitosan/polyalanine fibers. The nanocomposite fibers had a specific capacitance of 14.5 F cm−2 at a current density of 10 mA cm−2 suggesting that the fibers would be suitable as electrode materials.

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Electrical Applications of Biofibers
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