Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors for Medical Diagnosis


Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensors have fascinated impressive attention to detect clinically related analytes in recent years. SPR sensors have also multiple advantages over existing conventional diagnostic tools such as easy preparation, no requirement of labeling, and high specificity and sensitivity with low cost, and they provide real-time detection capability. There are some articles and reviews in literature focusing on the applications of SPR-based sensors for the diagnosis of medically important entities such as proteins, cells, viruses, disease biomarkers, etc. These articles generally give information on the determination of such structures merely, whereas this presented manuscript combines recent literature for most of the medically important structures together including proteins, hormones, nucleic acids, whole cells, and drugs that especially the latest applications of SPR sensors for medical diagnosis to follow up new strategies and discuss how SPR strategy is brought to solve the medical problems.

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Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors for Medical Diagnosis
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Nanotechnology Characterization Tools for Biosensing and Medical Diagnosis
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