Processing of Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC)


Engineered Cementitious Composites have unique tensile ductility and autogenous crack width control, characteristics attractive to a variety of construction applications. For different construction approaches, such as on-site casting, off-site precasting, shotcreting, or structural member extrusion, the fresh property requirements can be distinctively different. For example, while self-consolidation behavior is desirable for casting, this behavior does not satisfy the requirements for shotcreting. Hence, it is necessary that the fresh properties of ECC be designed to suit the specific application methodology. Control of fresh properties, however, must not interfere with the hardened properties of ECC. In particular, the high tensile ductility must be properly maintained.

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Processing of Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC)
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Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC)
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