Metal foam

Zn12Al alloy (porosity 83%)

Zn12Al alloy matrix with two pores forms. The first one of pores was entirely contained within the microballoons and the second form was due to releasing of gas because of the decomposing of blowing agent. (15 Vol.% microballoons)

  • Base material: Zn12Al alloy
  • Foam type: Closed cell
  • Manufacturing method: Stirring technique followed by direct foaming of the composite melt using CaCO3 as a blowing agent

Geometric characteristics

  • Porosity: 83.0 %
  • Bulk density: 1.01 g/cm3
  • Properties

    Includes Young modulus, plateau stress and yield stress values.

    Stress-strain relation

    Stress Stress unit Strain Strain rate Strain rate unit

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