Metal foam

Aluminium (porosity 79%)

The ratio between the size of the largest and smallest cells or thickness of cell walls was approximately one order of magnitude. Cell wall buckling are prominent, some of them are fractured. The microstructure was primarily Al solid solution containing Mg and Si, but large Ti-rich particles (residues of the gas-generating agent employed) were also present. Content of oxide was equal to 0.94%.

  • Base material: Aluminium
  • Foam type: Closed cell
  • Manufacturing method: powder metallurgical route

Geometric characteristics

  • Porosity: 79.0 %
  • Bulk density: 0.57 g/cm3
  • Average pore size: 1.3 mm
  • Properties

    Includes yield stress values.

    Stress-strain relation

    Stress Stress unit Strain Strain rate Strain rate unit

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