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MSI Eureka

Al-rich part of the isopleth at 5 at% Fe [2002Hac]

Figure 5 from evaluation report:

Al-Fe-Gd Ternary Phase Diagram Evaluation

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Recorded Points

General Information

  • Concentration Range: Gd conc. [0-20 at.%] / Fe conc. [5-5 at.%] / Al conc. [95-75 at.%]
  • Temperature: Temperature [500-1200 °C]


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    MSI Eureka

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    © MSI Materials Science International Services GmbH 2004

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    Günter Effenberg, Stuttgart


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    Figure taken from MSI Eureka Evaluation Report 10.16514.2.5

    System Name: Al-Fe-Gd

    Report Authors: Gabriele Cacciamani and Laura Arrighi and MSIT®®

    MSIT® is a registered trademark of MSI Materials Science International Services GmbH.

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