Developments archive


  • Inorganic Solid Phases Updates

    The latest update to Inorganic Solid Phases (ISP) includes:

    • 15038 interactive crystal structures
    • 12029 physical property data sheets
    • 1064 interactive phase diagrams


  • Major Updates to Substance Profiles

    In addition, 1094 new profiles of inorganic materials were added to our Substance Profiles, bringing the total count in this collection to 33528. A large portion of this update is dedicated to semiconductor materials. These substance profiles provide a complete overview of everything available on SpringerMaterials for a given material, allowing you to quickly navigate to the desired property.

  • New Data Collection - Metal Foam

    We are excited to announce the addition of a new data collection called Metal Foams. This collection contains 271 property datasheets on metal foams and covers mechanical, thermal, and fluidic properties of these materials.

  • Landolt-Börnstein updates in July 2019

    This latest update includes 7 Landolt-Börnstein Volumes and 1 SpringerMaterials Fundamentals Volume: View more...

    • LB II/20C2: Edited by Guelachvili, N. Picqué, Molecular Constants Mostly from Infrared Spectroscopy. Non-linear Triatomic Molecules, Part 2: Ozone. Contains infrared spectroscopic data on O3 (Ozone)
    • LB III/37C1, III/37C2, III/37C3: Edited by Y. Kawazoe, U. Carow-Watamura, Phase Diagrams and Physical Properties of Nonequilibrium Alloys. Subvolume C: Physical Properties of Multi-Component Amorphous Alloys. These 3 books present information about the structure of multicomponent bulk metallic glasses and the following properties: Physical properties, Mechanical Properties, Magnetic Properties, Electrical Properties, and some Chemical Properties.
    • LB III/44H: Edited by, H. Rössler, D. Strauch, New Data and Updates for IIa-VI Compounds with Mg and Sr (Structural Properties, Thermal and Thermodynamic Properties, and Lattice Properties). Contains data on properties of semiconducting IIa-VI Compounds with Mg and Sr.
    • LB III/45B: Edited by, G. Chiarotti, P. Chiaradia, Physics of Solid Surfaces. Subvolume B. This book provides a good overview of the past and present research in all fields of Surface Science.
    • LB IV/9B2: Edited by, M.D. Lechner / R. Holze, Electrochemistry. Subvolume B: Electrical Conductivities and Equilibria of Electrochemical Systems - Part 2: Deep Eutectic Solvents and Electrolyte Solutions. This is a comprehensive data-collection of electrolytic conductivities of deep eutectic solvents and electrolytic solutions.
    • Engineered Cementitious Composites, by V.C. Liu. This reference book presents a comprehensive coverage of the material design methodology, processing methodology, mechanical and durability properties, smart functions, and application case studies.
  • Inorganic Solid Phases Updates

    The latest major update in the areas of inorganic materials include approximately 11880+ crystal structures, 11,000 data values for numerous physical and chemical properties, and over 1,000 new phase diagrams for binary and ternary alloys.


  • Major Updates to NMR, Corrosion and Semiconductor Data

    We are pleased to announce the addition of the NACE Corrosion Data Survey: Metals Section handbook to SpringerMaterials, which includes the performance of 31 metals in 1012 corrosive environments at various temperatures. Also, over 17000 new data points of 77Se NMR will now be available – this doubles our existing content on NMR data! Finally, digitized data on 38 different semiconductors and 48 properties extracted from Landolt-Börnstein volumes are now available on SpringerMaterials Interactive. For these data sets, users will no longer be limited by static PDFs, but rather take advantage of advanced tools and functionality.

  • Major update to Landolt-Börnstein and MSI data collection

    The latest SpringerMaterials update will contain 16 new Landolt-Börnstein volumes and 4 SpringerMaterials Fundamentals volumes on topics including: the magnetic properties of materials, porphyrins, optical constants, diffusion, and electrochemistry. The SpringerMaterials Fundamentals series also adds content on nanomaterials characterization, nanomaterials for energy storage and conversion, and self-lubricating composites. And, the MSI database has been expanded with new or updated evaluation reports for 50+ element systems.

  • Coming soon: Advanced interactive tools for semiconductor content on SpringerMaterials

    The first set of digitized data from the Landolt-Börnstein volumes on semiconductor materials will launch this fall on SpringerMaterials. PDF documents of these books will soon be available in interactive formats as part of the SpringerMaterials Interactive. Users will be able to take advantage of enhanced data visualization, material comparisons, and export tools to analyze property data of semiconductor materials. A few substances are already available for use here is an example but stay tuned for more!

  • Inorganic Solid Phases Updates

    The latest major update in the areas of inorganic materials include approximately 15,000 crystal structures, 21,000+ data values for numerous physical and chemical properties, and over 1600 new phase diagrams for binary and ternary alloys.